Story Programming

What is a computer?

20 minutes

Example: Putting on a jacket

One group member plays a computer and executes given to him or her by the rest of the group members. Now place a jacket on a table. How does the computer put on a jacket? The computer follows exactly the instructions of the group.

This exercise can be played as a game. The computer tries to be as picky as possible about instructions and is free to misinterpret vague instructions so to avoid putting on the jacket, but he or she must follow precise instructions. On the other hand, the group members try to be as precise as possible to force the computer to put on the jacket.

You can take turns as computer, and you can also use alternative clothing items. Observe how the group becomes better and better with giving precise instructions and how it is getting harder for the computer to resist.

Example: Moving items

Repeat the previous exercise for other tasks that involve moving items (fetching a book from a shelf or placing a book into a backpack).

Example: Drawing simple figures

Repeat the previous exercise for drawing simple figures on a piece of paper. Instructions should be for very simple hand movements, such as move hand left/right/etc. for 1 inch, lift pen, lower pen, etc.