Story Programming


The teaching modules contain individual and group activities to help teach basic concepts of computer science and computational thinking using the Story Programming approach.

The modules also include some quizzes with sample solutions, which are available to instructors on request. Please contact if you are an instructor who plans to use the teaching material in one of your classes. Let us know for what class/course you plan to use the material, and we will gladly provide you with access to the complete material.

Most of the activities were used in several sections of the class CS 160 at OSU in Fall 2017 and Fall 2018, and they were originally created by the instructors of those classes.

Note: Many descriptions have been modified to remove dependencies on the particular course idiosyncrasies. Moreover, we had to eliminate many exercises and activities that were not closely related to the Story Programming paradigm. That is the main reason for why the module collection is rather incomplete and many modules have only few activities. As a result, several modules don’t contain any publicly available content.